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OT vs PT

Occupational therapy and physical therapy seem to be the same thing, and people often get confused with their meanings. However, there are some very important factors that make a big difference between the two professions.

Occupational Therapy Definition 

Occupational Therapy, is focused on giving a patient a proper understanding of their abilities, and the way they can manage their health in a better manner. This is a very common therapy for those suffering from a physical injury that is not allowing them to work independently, or normally.

OT will be versed in the deeper aspects of human skills that involve his or her ability to cope with the present situation, and how they can achieve a balance in between. They will also study the home and emotional environment, and give their support in these fields.

Physical Therapy Definition

Physical therapy is a health care profession that uses physical agents: exercise and massage and other modalities in treatment of pain, disease, or injury. Physical Therapy is concerned with promotion of health, with prevention of physical disabilities, with evaluation and rehabilitation of persons disabled by pain, disease, or injury, and with treatment by physical therapeutic measures.

PT will focus on the injury, and on trying to prevent further injuries. The therapist is required to have a vast knowledge of the anatomy and musculoskeletal system of the body to be able to do his job properly.

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