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Alopecia Cure by Physiotherapy

Alopecia Cure by Physiotherapy

Alopecia Areata is defined as premature loss of hair. Some times leads to total loss of hair from the body.

Alopecia Areata Causes/ Etiology

The condition is thought to be an autoimmune disorder in which the body attacks its own hair follicles and suppresses or stops hair growth. There is evidence that T cell lymphocytes cluster around these follicles, causing inflammation and subsequent hair loss. An unknown environmental trigger such as emotional stress or a pathogen is thought to combine with hereditary factors to cause the condition. There are a few recorded cases of babies being born with congenital alopecia areata; however, these are not cases of autoimmune disease because an infant is born without a fully developed immune system.

  • Age: Generally affects under 30 years of age.
  • Predisposing factors:
    a) Poor health
    b) Heredity plays an important role
    c) Anxiety and fatigue.
  • Sex: It affects both the sexes equally.

Pathological Changes

  • Hair becomes weak from root and comes out of follicle.
  • Atrophy of hair follicle occurs.
  • Sebaceous glands becomes inactive or less active.

Clinical Features

  • Insidious onset.
  • Hair starts falling in clumps.
  • White skin appears after the patches of hair falls.
  • Baldness appears.


  • Alopecia areata : Loss of hair from scalp in patches.
  • Alopecia totalis : Scalp hair loss along with eye brows.
  • Alopecia universalis : Loss of hair all over the body.


Growth of fine hair may be seen within two months. Majority of patients recover within a year. Sometimes patient may not recover. The new hair which appears can be pigmented, different from normal hair.

Alopecia Cure by Physiotherapy


  • To improve general health
  • To improve nutrition to hair follicles


  • To improve general health UVR treatment + Theraktin are given. Sub-erythema or doses of E1 are given for 5-8 minutes daily.
  • Individual patches are treated by E2 and E3 doses of of UVR and Kromayer, twice a week.

Treatment should be continued for 2-3 months, and as the hair starts growing UVR must be stopped to that area. This should not be confused with balding. Sympathy and understanding is important in these cases.

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