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Abductor Workout

Learn how to do Hip abductor workout to exercise the lower body with expert tips and free fitness videos....

Abductor Muscle Group-

The gluteus minimus, gluteus medius and gluteus maximus make up the muscle group known as the glutes. Both the gluteus minimus and gluteus medius abduct the leg no matter whether your body is bent at the hip. Although the gluteus medius is the main hip abductor muscle to move the leg outward in a sideways motion, the hip abductor muscle group also includes the psoas, piriformis and tensor fascia latae of the hips.

Abductor Workout that you can do at home

Cable Hip Abduction abductor workout

Stand in front of low pulley facing to one side. Attach cable cuff to far ankle. Step out away from stack and grasp ballet bar. Stand on nearer foot and allow far leg to cross in front. Move leg to opposite side of low pulley by abduction hip. Return to starting position and repeat. Turn around and continue with opposite leg.

Standing Abduction Exercise with weight cuffs abductor workout

This exercise is designed to strengthen your gluteus minimus as well as your other abductor muscles. Start by attaching a wight cuff to your right ankle while standing on your left side. From here, stand up straight with your legs together and knees slightly bent. Move your right leg out and away from your body as far as you can go and hold for several seconds before returning to your original position. Repeat until fatigued and then repeat with your other leg.

Side Lying Hip Abduction abductor workout

This exercise is designed to work your abductors as well as your ankles. Attach an ankle weight to your left ankle and lie down on the ground on your right side. With your right elbow bent and right hand placed on the back of your head for support, bend your left arm and place your hand flat on the ground. From this position, lift your left leg directly up into the air and hold for several seconds with your knee extended. Lower your leg and repeat. Repeat this exercise with your right leg before finishing.

Resistance Band Hip Abduction abductor workout

This resistance band exercise will strengthen and tone your abductor muscles. Attach one end of the resistance band to a stationary object several feet away from you. Make sure the object is to your right. Attach the other end of the resistance band to your right ankle while standing. From this pose, lift your leg away from your body to loosen the tension of the resistance band. From here, pull your leg in towards your body until you feel resistance against your hip. Pull in as far as you can before releasing .

Kneeling Hip Abduction abductor workout

Set an exercise stability ball on the floor. Kneel beside the ball so your right hip is closest to the ball. Straighten your left leg out to the side, and rest your left foot on the floor. Place one end of the body bar on the top side of your left foot. Hold the opposite end of the bar in your left hand next to your left hip. Bend your right arm and place your forearm on the ball. Rest your right side against the stability ball. Exhale and lift your left leg until it is parallel with the floor. Inhale and release to start position. Complete eight to 10 lifts on each leg.

Side Plank abductor workout

The side plank forces your gluteus minimus and medius to hold your hips stationary against gravity. Your gluteus maximus also works, although not as powerfully, to hold your hips steady. Lie on your side, supporting your weight on your lower forearm and the outside edge of your lower foot. Keep your hips and shoulders stacked vertically as you squeeze your abs and glutes to keep your body in a straight line from head to feet.

Hip Abduction machine used in exercises for outer thighs

A hip abduction machine, commonly available in most gyms, lets you perform abductor exercises while in a seated position. Because your hips are partially flexed, this works all three gluteus muscles at once. Sit down in the hip abduction machine, You can tell it apart from the similar-looking hip adduction machine because on an abduction machine, the padding will hit the outside of your knees. Spread your legs outward against the machine's resistance, as if you were doing the splits. Stop when you can no longer keep the motion under control without shifting your pelvis. Let the machine slowly push your legs back together.

Trendelenburg Test

You perform the Trendelenburg test in a standing position with your feet shoulder width apart. Slowly lift one foot off the ground, balancing on your other foot. A positive test or Trendelenburg's sign is when the hip of your non weight-bearing leg drops or is lower than the other side. Your uneven hips indicate that the hip abductors on your weight-bearing leg are weak and cannot stabilize your pelvis.

Abductor Stretch - helps improve your abductor flexibility and relieve tight hip and abductor muscles.

Gluteus Medius and Gluteus Minimus Stretches

Stand upright and cross one foot behind the other. Lean towards the foot that is behind the other. If need be, hold onto something for balance. This will allow you to concentrate on the stretch, instead of worrying about falling over. Hold the stretch position for a minimum of 20 seconds and then repeat with the opposite leg.

Tensor Fasciae Latae Stretches

You stretch the tensor fascia latae with your legs bent instead of straight like with the gluteus medius stretch. An example is the lying iliotibial stretch. To perform this exercise, lie on your right side with your head relaxed on your right arm, your left leg bent behind you and your right foot crossed onto your left outer knee. Use your left arm to pull your left ankle toward your buttocks. Switch sides, or only stretch the side that is in pain. This stretch also lengthens the rectus femoris.

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